Act ID: 195674
Act Number: 74
Enactment Date: 1956-10-21
Act Year: 1956
Short Title: The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956
Long Title: An Act to formulate principles for determining when a sale or purchase of goods takes place in the course of inter-State trade or commerce or outside a State or in the course of import into or export from India, to provide for the levy, collection and distribution of taxes on sales of goods in the course of inter-State trade or commerce and to declare certain goods to be of special importance in inter-State trade or commerce and specify the restrictions and conditions to which State laws imposing taxes on the sale or purchase of such goods of special importance shall be subject.
Department: Department of Trade & Taxes
Enforcement Date: 05-01-1957
Type: CENTRAL ACT (Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue)
Location: Delhi
Notification: 5th January, 1957, all sections except section 15, vide notification No. S.R.O. 78, dated 4th January, 1957, Gazette of India, Extra. 1957, Pt. II, Section 3, p.57
and section 15 with effect from 1st October, 1958, vide G.S.R. 897, dated 23rd September, 1958, Gazette of India, Extra. 1958, Pt. II, Section 3 (i), p. 476
Ref Act ID: 195674