Act ID: 200336
Act Number: 36
Enactment Date: 2003-05-26
Act Year: 2003
Short Title: The Electricity Act, 2003
Hindi Title: विद्युत अधिनियम, 2003
Long Title: An Act to consolidate the laws relating to generation, transmission, distribution, trading and use of electricity and generally for taking measures conducive to development of electricity industry, promoting competition therein, protecting interest of consumers and supply of electricity to all areas, rationalisation of electricity tariff, ensuring transparent policies regarding subsidies, promotion of efficient and environmentally benign policies, constitution of Central Electricity Authority, Regulatory Commissions and establishment of Appellate Tribunal and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
Ministry: Ministry of Power
Enforcement Date: 10-06-2003
Notification: 10th June, 2003 (Ss. 1 to 120 and ss. 122 to 185), vide notification No. S.O. 669(E), dated 10th June, 2003, see Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, sec. 3(ii).